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First Time in France and Avoiding Paris

A June 2007 trip to Provence by fallschirmhosen

Sunday Market Photo, LIsle-sur-la-Sorgue, France More Photos
Quote: My first time in France was spent in the serene areas of rural Provence. I was only in Paris when changing planes. Is that normal?
For my first trip to France, I booked a ticket from JFK to Marseille (via Paris) on Air France. The plan was to take an overnight flight to Paris, then connect with another Air France flight to Marseille...arriving around lunchtime. That was the plan.Even though the plane was at the gate when I arrived at JFK, it apparently was not ready to be flown. The wonderful cleaning crew at JFK took their time cleaning the plane, which meant the flight got delayed. To make matters worse, a storm was brewing over JFK. We eventually boarded and the plane left the gate. But, en route to the runway the airport was closed. We sat on the tarmac for over four hours, eventually taking off for an unev...Read More

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Sunday Market

Attraction | "A Market Straight from Roman Times"

Sunday Market Photo, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France
In the town of L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue you will find one of the most amazing markets in Provence. The Sunday market is filled with antique sellers, food sellers, and everything in between. Unlike a lot of markets I've been to, this market is spread all over the old town. Every narrow street you walk down is filled with market-goers and vendors of all sorts.Cutting through town is a canal, with numerous bridges criss-crossing it at various spots. These provide good photo opportunities.I am especially interested in antiques, and this market has no shortage of them. Everything from antique furniture, maps, postcards, and toys can be found.Though most people go to the...Read More

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Sunday Market

L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France

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Bike Rentals

Attraction | "Biking in Provence"

Bike rental in Bedoin, France Photo, Provence, France
Away from the busy markets of the busier towns in Provence, you will find serene roads that are begging to be explored by bike. If you find yourself passing through the town of Bedoin, park your car in one of the public lots, and walk to the bike rental shop near the center of town. For a few dollars you can take one of their bikes and explore the region.Being near the base of Mount Ventoux, some of the roads can be hilly. So, going uphill can be painful. But, the downhills are bliss, and you begin to feel like a biker in the Tour de France...albeit and out-of-shape, slow, and nowhere near competitive one.If you do find yourself near Mount Ventoux or one of the many other l...Read More

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Walks in Provence

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Attraction | "Walking in Provence: A Step Back in Time"

Walking road/path east of Venasque Photo, Venasque, France
The town of Venasque is a unique town built on a ridge in the hills of beautiful Provence. Being a somewhat isolated ancient Roman town, it provides an excellent jumping off point to explore the area by foot, and it's not too hard to imagine this area being much different centuries ago.There are three types of surfaces you can hike on: pavement, gravel, or dirt. The main roads in the area are all paved. While the roads do see vehicular traffic, it is relatively minimal and generally safe (as long as you stay on the side of the road). Use common sense and look out for cars.Many roads surrounding Venasque (and other towns) are old and do not see heavy car traffic. Therefore,...Read More

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