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Fall Highlights in Lancaster...Mostly Just the Amish!

An October 2008 trip to Pennsylvania by diminor1929

Aaron and Jessicas Buggy Ride Photo, Pennsylvania, United States More Photos
Quote: A family reunion of sorts merging adults, bed and breakfasts, shopping ,eating and buggy rides among the most gorgoeus landscapes in Central Pa. You can't escape the positive influence the Amish have had on this area.

Hillside Farm Bed & Breakfast

Hotel | "Out of the Way Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster"

We stayed here one night;arrived late (after 9:00) and left early (8:00 am) because we were having breakfast with family at another B&B. Cant say much about was clean though the bedroom was small and the bathroom was quite modern and nicely furnished. The theme for the inn is "milk bottles" as I imagine it was once a dairy farm and the theme is carried out throughout the rooms and kitchen. Host and hostess weren't too weloming at first. (I think they were suspicious that we would skip out since we were arriving late and leaving early). I would say we were the easiest $96 dollars they ever made. I don't know that I would return as it did not much feel like a B&;B but in all fairness...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on January 11, 2009

Hillside Farm Bed & Breakfast
607 Eby Chiques Road
Mount Joy 17552
(717) 653-6697

Restaurant | "Delicious Family-Style Meal Served in Authentic Amish Home"

I have to admit I was expecting a big old clapboard farmhouse with plank floors with a hundred little kids running around in straw hats and bonnets. Instead we discovered that Mary's Meals is great food provided by a hard-working Amish woman who happens to be a fabulous cook. The actual home is a modern ranch-style house furnished with everything (the kitchen was beautiful with granite countertops and finely crafted cabinets and wood work). There is beautiful furniture,rugs,quilts,comforters scattered about the living area. There is modern plumbing. Only one thing is missing-electricity! Everything in the home is powered by propane and they make great use of natural light and water power. Guests are s...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 3, 2009

Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Ride Photo, Pennsylvania, United States
Quote: may sound really hokey and touristy but it was truly a fun experience for even th emost jaded traveler. Areal Amish buggy driven by a REAL Amish young man (who was raised Amish but in the process of separating from the sect) who toured the back roads and gave us a historical and cultural persepctive ion the Amish that was both educational and entertaining . The ride was quite reasonable at $6 per person (we were in covered wagon) while smaller Amish buggies for only 4 -6 people may have been more and were a longer wait for drivers. The horses were beautiful and well-kept and truly seemed to enjoy what they were doing(as our guide explained). Definitely a worthwhile family excursion.

O'Flaherty's Dingeldein House

Hotel | "Sweet Reunion at Dinkle Dein House"

Some family members in PA. wanted a quick reunion-type weekend in a low profile setting wih extraordinary food and lots of acitivities. Sister-in-law Cindy suggested the perfect spot since she had visited Dinkle Dein House previously. There were 2 full rooms of us so we were accomodated in the cottage adjacent to the main house. The main house is an historic Amish inn done in the Dutch-colonial style and built aound 1910. It is not only furnished beautifully with period and traditional Amish antiques but they serve up what has to be the most delicious and bountiful breakfast I have ever experieced at any other B&B's. The rooms are charmingly decorated with attention to every detail...even prov...Read More

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O'Flaherty's Dingeldein House
1105 E. King St.
Lancaster 17602
(717) 293-1723