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Koblenz - where two rivers meet

A January 2007 trip to Koblenz by fizzytom

The Deutsches Eck ... Photo, Koblenz, Germany More Photos
Quote: The highlights and practical tips from our one day trip to Koblenz while staying in the Rhineland

A Mighty Corner of Koblenz

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The Deutsches Eck ... Photo, Koblenz, Germany
The tDeutsches Eck is probably Koblenz’s most celebrated attraction. It’s the headland where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet, right in the heart of the city of Koblenz and the name Deutsches Eck translates literally as "German corner". Now, while it is certainly quite impressive to see these two mighty rivers become one, it’s not the only reason that this spot is worth visiting.Towering over the headland, perched on an enormous plinth, there is a statue of Emperor Wilhelm I. The statue was erected to commemorate the part he played in the struggle for German union. It’s a stature with an interesting history. In 1945 it was damaged by an American artillery shell and had to be removed fro...Read More