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The Bridges of Parke County

An October 2008 trip to Indiana by jmariep

Covered Bridge Festival  Photo, Indiana, United States More Photos
Quote: We took the day to travel down to Parke County, Indiana for the Covered Bridge Festival. I never dreamed that it would be so much fun, nor would see such simple beauty.

Covered Bridge Tour -- Blue Route

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Attraction | "A Terrific Thirty Twisting Miles of Interesting Roads"

Narrows Bridge  Photo, Indiana, United States
Before you begin this trip, make sure you get a map from the Old Railroad Depot. The map indicated that the Blue Route is 30 miles and has 5 covered bridges. Technically I would say that it has 5 1/2. We began our journey from Ohio Street in Rockville, where I was relieved to learn that there are arrows on signs with the color of the tour you are taking. So we followed the blue arrows into the country roads. Growing up in Ohio, my mother would sometimes say that Indiana doesn't have great roads because they spend their money on education. If my mother's addage is true, Parke County must have some of the best educated children in the state of Indiana, if not the country. We drove...Read More

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Covered Bridge Festival

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Attraction | "Floating Leaves Under Covered Bridges"

Covered Bridge Festival  Photo, Indiana, United States
My husband and I were fortunate enough to both get a Wednesday off, and needed to go to Brazil that night, so I grabbed my Indiana bag (with all of the tourism brochures I have collected from Indiana) and flipped through them. Rockville is in the county North of Brazil, and it just happened to be the week of the Covered Bridge Festival. Score!We arrived at Rockville with no idea of what to expect. My main goal was to see the bridges and take some fun fall pictures. I was more than more than pleasantly surprised when we arrived to Rockville. The only dissatisfaction that I did have with this festival is that you really do need 2 days if you're planning to do the bridge tours -- and really, t...Read More

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Covered Bridge Festival
Courthouse Lawn
Rockville, IN