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A November 2007 trip to Abuja by pamperrazzitravel

Carnival Capers Photo, Abuja, Nigeria More Photos
Quote: The Abuja Carnival is generally unsung to the West. You may have seen some pictures or heard a few whispers, but the only way to really comprehend and appreciate the Abuja Carnival and Nigeria’s cultural temperature is to be there!
Carnival Capers Photo, Abuja, Nigeria
This event is the highlight of the city’s cultural calendar and undoubtedly a vital, unique and incomparable experience as residents and tourists are provided with the opportunity to view and appreciate Nigeria as an ever-evolving country rich in diversity, art, culture and tradition.The annual event is hosted at notable venues around Abuja; most predominantly the multi-purpose 7,000-seat arena of Eagles Square. In its fourth year now, the Abuja carnival’s nerve centre - Eagles Square has postcard-perfect views of the famous Aso Rock Hills and is conveniently set within the precincts of the major landmarks of the FCT. (Federal Capital Territory) This four-day affair of beguili...Read More

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