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A July 2008 trip to Faroe Islands by davidx

Haldarsvik Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark More Photos
Quote: We were lucky enough to be invited to spend 10 days with a friend who had rented an apartment there - who would say no? The Faroes are in the north Atlantic between Shetland and Iceland.I shall be posting things on the magnificent scenery of this still unspoiled area.


Attraction | "As Far As Possible"

The final cirque Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
This is as far as you can get in the Faroes from the capital, Torshavn, without taking a ferry - and a marvellous trip it is. It involves driving across Streymoy and Eysturoy and then an undersea tunnel to Bordoy, the largest of the north-eastern Faroe islands and a necessary island for reaching any of the others in the group. The crossing of Bordoy involves two tunnels under mountains in which cars on the outward journey have priority on the single track roads. In the other direction it's necessary to keep nipping in to passing placesFinally Vidoy is reached by a causeway and crossed to the end of the road. In front of you is a beautiful cirque from which a ridge leads to the ...Read More

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Island of Sandoy

Attraction | "More Agricultural but Beauty not Diminished"

The Dimun islands Photo, Denmark, Europe
The island of Sandoy is reached from a ferry near to Kirkjubøur on Streymoy, that lands at Skopun on the north of the island. Thee is also a ferry from Sandur in the south to the smaller island of Skuvoy.Guidebooks streess that Sandoy is the lowest of the islands and far more agricultural than others. That gave an impression that Sandoy's scenery might be somewhat limited; not so. Seascapes all round are exciting with the south giving views over Sora Dimun and Littla Dimun to Suðuroy in the distance.From Sandur there is an unclassified [and unclassifiable!] road to a bay with no population but with a delightful bay and headland, the only snag being the malevolence of the arctic...Read More

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Island of Nolsoy, Færoe Islands

Attraction | "Just a Ferry Crossing but -"

Nolsoy village Photo, Denmark, Europe
Every time we went out from Torshavn towards north Streymoy or Eysturoy we could see Nolsoy just across the water and it looked great.However I shall find it hard to fill in a rating. I shall rate it as I believe it would be, given more time there. if you only have an hour or so to spare there, don't bother - go back on the same ferry. What the 'but --' in the title implies is that it seems almost like another planet.The ferry is passenger only and there are very few vehicles on the island, a tractor serving as a taxi. There is a shop but most residents stagger back from Streymoy laden with shopping. In truth Nolsoy is one of the few places where the standard of living seemed w...Read More

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North Eysturoy, Færoe Islands

Attraction | "Delights of North Eysturoy"

Eastward view Photo, Denmark, Europe
It is pointless to say what is the best scenery in the Færoes, because you always think of somewhere different you might have said but the northern part of Eysturoy must be some of the best.The mountain road from Eiði to Gjovg is gorgeous with more hanging valleys than I thought existed. Both villages should be visited in their own right.' Gjovg' means cleft in Færoese and it's difficult to think of a better name. This must be about as near as the Færoes get to a tourist trap - only about 10,000 miles awayfrom one!Elduvik is a striking village with terrific views over the North-eastern isles and Oyndarfjørdun, rated for its rocking stones, is breath-taking but more for its view...Read More

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Cliffs and Sea Birds

Attraction | "Not Cheap But a Real Treat"

The memorial in Kvivik churchyard. Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Going from Torshavn, follow signs for Vagar or the airport until you can go past the tunel to these places and you find yourself on the road to Vestmanna. On the way it is worth diverting on the loop road to visit the smaller village of Kvivik. Here there are the foundations of a Viking farmstead. Another illustration of more recent history is very poignant. This is a churchyard memorial to the crew of a lifeboat drowned in a marine accident. The first five listed share a surname and came from this tiny settlement. How could villages survive in the face of such disasters?At Vestmanna you will find two firms running boat trips. As far as I know there is little to choose between ...Read More

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Risin and Kellingin

Attraction | "A Witch and a Giant"

Risin and Kellingin  Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Risin was a witch; Kellingin was a giant. Once upon a time the giants of Iceland sent them to bring back the Færoes. They made a pig's ear of the job. Risin attached a rope to the highest mountain and when they hauled on it, a crack appeared in the mountain - but then the rope broke and they could not tow the islands anywhere.They compounded their inefficiency with carelessness and stayed out too late. Hence they were caught by the dawn - and no doubt you know the penalty witches or giants have to pay for that. yes - they were turned into rocks and made to stand in the sea for ever.You don't believe me - shame!! Look at the photos. Risin is the one with her legs apart - and if ...Read More

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Kirkjubøur, Streymoy

Attraction | "Tiny But Teeming with Interest"

In the unfinished cathedral Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Kirkjubøur is on the soth-west side of Streymoy and provides views of the smaller islands of Sandoy, Hestur, shapely Koltur and, in the distance, Vagar, the island with the Færoes airport.The museum is not actually the greatest thing to my eyes, good as it is, but I can't find anything offered for the other things when choosing the type of attraction - but I won't cheat. I'll say something about it after the other two things.First is the never finished Magnus Cathedral. Yes, I know the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is not finished but it's a darned site more finished than this one, which never had a roof or a tower. Why not? Simple; the cash ran out! A more interesting question...Read More

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Tjornuvik and Haldarsvik - Streymoy

Attraction | "Great Villages, Great Views"

Haldarsvik Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
These two villages are in the north-east corner of Streymoy. Their attractions are quite different.Going from the island capital of Torshavn you continue past the 'bridge over the Atlantic', not in any way spectacular as the island of Eysturoy is so close. Then continuing north you first reach Haldarsvik.This village is particularly notable for its octagonal church and its view down between the two islands.Then the road continues to the village of Tjornuvik, a wonderful little place with a cafe, which was shut! I doubt there is a man-made straight line anywhere in the village, where the houses are almost all turf-roofed.A short distance before Tjornuvik there'...Read More

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Sumptuous Saksun on Streymoy

Attraction | "Wow and More Wow!"

Church and lagoon Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
Age and infirmity prevent me doing the walks I should like these days but the routes from Saksun to the north-east coast of Streymoy through the mountains have to be great. We had to restrict ourselves to walking by the lagoon and visiting the museum - but who's grumbling? This beautiful place appears on my desktop every time I switch on.The photo does not make it clear that there is a significant drop in height between the church and the lagoon but it enhances the view when you are there.The settlement is on the opposie side of the road to the church and one of the old farms has been converted in part into a museum.This was one of our favourite places in all the is...Read More

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Smallest Capital? - Exploring Torshavn

Best Of IgoUgo


Tip of Tinganes Photo, Denmark, Europe
Claims are made for it to be the world's smallest capital. As far as size is concerned, who does the measurement and precisely what do they measure? What interests me is the notion of a capital without a country. Portree on Skye and Tobermory on Mull are both far smaller - and you need a micrometer to know it. So does it have to be a nation to count? If so,, sorry Torshavn but technically the Færoes are only an autonomous part of Denmark.Torshavn is not very small geographically speaking but there are so many fields and open spaces - a sort of rural city. Its main history is as a port and it actually has two harbours. Between the two is a small - surprisingly small - peninsula, Tinganes, w...Read More

Outdoor Museum

Attraction | "Not Just Another Museum"

Outdoor Museum Photo, Faroe Islands, Denmark
The outdoor Museum in Hoyvik is not like any other Scandinavian Outdoor museum I've visited as it is a whole farmstead in situ with no buildings brought in.

The main farmhouse (with a sort of 'Granny' area), agricultural sheds and boathouses can all be seen with plentiful domestic and agricultural artefacts.

Excellent views of the island of Nolsoy.

(hoyvik is now effectively a suburb of Torshavn, the capital.)

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