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Launching Point

A July 2007 trip to Denmark by wasa girl

Catherine Palace Photo, St. Petersburg, Russia More Photos
Quote: Denmark was our launching point and completion for a cruise in the "Baltics" on a Princess Cruise ship. The country played the largest role in the whole cruise as the only area we had a real chance to explore.
Catherine Palace Photo, St. Petersburg, Russia
Maybe it was that I had a romantic view of the city, but it was sad to see so much of the city in need of repair. As an art lover I was looking forward to the Hermitage and very glad to have been in those famous halls, but it was very crowded (July). What has been repaired is the palaces, which while beautiful show both how some had it all and in their restorative show that more care and money have been put in bringing the tourists to the city than rebuilding the city itself. All in all it is a great place, but you have to go prepared to see a city trying to catch up.

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