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Novi Sad Not so Sad

A June 2005 trip to Novi Sad by dangaroo

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Novi Sad not So Sad

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Novi Sad is a considerably better looking city than Beograd, Nis or anywhere in Serbia actually. Novi Sad was built in the 17th century when the local Serbs of Petrovaradin (now part of Novi Sad but formerly a Austro-Hungarian town) were forced to move due to a law created by the ruling Hapsburg family which prevented people of the orthodox faith from living there. They set up shop on the other side of the Danube (both parts are now Novi Sad.) and it was initially known as Ratzen Stadt, for almost two centuries this town had the highest population of Ethnic Serbs in the world. Novi Sad got off quite lightly in World War 2 but was still annexed by Hungary and about 2,500 people were killed. 8...Read More