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The Best Maui Restaurant that Nobody Knows About

A May 2008 trip to Kahului by Foxboro Marmot

Quote: The Class Act at Maui Community College is where Maui Culinary Academy student show off their skills.

Maui Culinary Academy

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Restaurant | "The Best Maui Restaurant that Nobody Knows About"

There are probably better restaurants on Maui. Maybe Roy's, Hali'iimale General Store or someplace in Wailea are better, but the thing is lots of people know about them. How about trying a place that will serve a maximum of 150 people each week and is only open for eight months a year? A place committed to serving the freshest locally grown ingredients, staffed with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff? A place requiring reservations, serving only lunch? A place that almost no one knows about?It's The Class Act, a restaurant operated by the Maui Culinary Academy on the Maui Community College campus.Here students under the watchful eyes of their instructors prepare and ser...Read More

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Maui Culinary Academy
310 W. Kaahumanu Avenue
Maui 96732
(808) 984-3280

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