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Best Day in Lima

A July 2008 trip to Lima by Annie Lituma

Museo Larco, Lima - Peru Photo, Lima, Peru More Photos
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Museo Larco, Lima - Peru Photo, Lima, Peru
I had arrived to Lima the afternoon before from Cusco and didn´t had time to even plan my day as I was so tired... I just wanted to have two things done that day, as I thought that Lima was worth only one day and had already plans to leave the next day to the amazon area..Woke up at around 9 so I could be at the Larco Museum at 10 tops - Lima has the best museums, so I was told to go at least to one of them, and everyone recommended Museo Larco, in Pueblo Libre district. Museo Larco is located in a huge colonial house up in a little hill (I found out later that it was a precolumbian pyramid).. The first look at the museum was breathtaking, the house surrounded by the most beautiful g...Read More