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A SPA - Heviz Hungary

A July 2008 trip to Heviz by jonbarb709

Quote: We spent 3 weeks at the Danubius Health SPA Resort in Heviz, Hungary , transportation, rooms, meals and treatments. A fantastic vacation.
We went to Heviz because of the SPA, we came away with visiting one of the best Wine Cellar's we have been to. Its only about a year old, its located about 2 blocks from the Danubius Health SPA and its right across the street from the Post Office. Its about 20 steps down off Kossuth Lajos Utca. There is an outdoor area for drinking and eating. When you enter the restaurant you will be pleasantly surprised. Its all done in brick andin the center of the restaurant are heavy wooden tables and chairs . Along the walls are little rooms/alcoves with wines from each area. There is a map on the wall showing specifically where the wines come from and also a price list.There are a couple of wine bar...Read More

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