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L`viv-the best city in the world!

An August 2007 trip to Lviv by convaliya

Quote: Visiting the city where I spent the best years of my life (: I have a lot of nostalgic feelngs about it

L'viv - The Best City in the World!


I love L`viv! It is the city near which I grew up-only 20 kilometers away from it in a small town named Mykolaiv. I was not born there but I have gone to the University there for 4 years and had lots of fun. A lot of streets, stores, parks will always carry something intimate and heart-pinching in them for me. L`viv is a gorgeous city with lots of rich history and culture. Recently it celebrated its 750th anniversary. So if we calculate the date of its foundation, it is 1256. A lot of time, ha? Yep. Enough time to build all these monumental architectural masterpieces most of them are landmarks. L`viv is on the UNESCO list for Cultural Heritage Preservation. However, a lot of wonderful edifices ar...Read More

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