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A Best Kept Secret For A Weekend Getaway

A June 2008 trip to Morelia by scottyhouston

The Hotel Villa Montana - Apartment 107 Photo, Morelia, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Thanks to a Continental Airlines weekend fare, I decided to checkout Morelia, Mexico (which before my visit was a city unfamiliar to me)

Morelia, Mexico - Secret Weekend Away

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The Hotel Villa Montana - Apartment 107 Photo, Morelia, Mexico
Continental Airlines has really great last minute trips (as do most airlines) if you are flexible enough to take advantage of them. Typically you have to depart on a Saturday and return on a Monday or Tuesday. Last week I noticed a destination I was not familiar with...Morelia, Mexico. After some quick research I decided it would be an interesting place to travel so I cashed in 15,000 frequent flyer miles and paid $36 for the round trip ticket.Morelia is the capital city of the Mexican state of Michoacan. It's located in Central Mexico about 150 miles West of Mexico City and is about 3,000 feet above sea level. Currently, from what I read in some local documents, the...Read More

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