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Rainy Days in Bergen

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A May 2007 trip to Bergen by fizzytom

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Quote: Account of a weekend break to Bergen with the emphasis on saving money - cheap tasty eats, cosy accommodation and how to see the sights

Bergen - An Overview

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Bergen - the rainy city Photo, Bergen, Norway
Bergen is a very wet place. It's something to do with the seven mountains that surround the city which does something or other to do with low pressure and hey presto it rains all the time (something like two and a half metres of rain annually!) This is why typical Bergen houses have such steeply pitched roofs and why people in Bergen tend to keep their coats on all the time. And why even a newsagents shop sells umbrellas. The good citizens of Bergen have about ten different words for rain - I have only one and I can't say it here. You have to accept that you are probably going to get wet during your visit. Take a waterproof jacket, carry an umbrella, have some clothes to change into. After...Read More
Fløibanen Funicular  Photo, Bergen, Norway
The Floibanen funicular offers a quick and easy way to access some brilliant views of the city of Bergen from a purpose built viewing platform atop Mount Fløyen. While the mountain has lots of hiking trails and offers some great opportunities for scenic and rewarding walks, you may not have the time or the energy to spend on getting to the top, in which case the funicular is at your service.The idea of a funicular here was mooted as early as 1895 but work didn't start until 1914 though this was inevitably delayed due to the war and it finally opened in January 1918. New carriages were installed in the 1950s - one red and one blue - this tradition of one red and one blue carriage is still u...Read More

Garage Rock Bar and Club

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Attraction | "The Garage Bergen - Noisy But Friendly"

Garage Rock Bar and Club Photo, Bergen, Norway
Garage is probably Bergen’s most popular rock bar/music venue and with good reason. The playlist is eclectic, the music laid back and the choice of beers better than any I found in Bergen. There isn’t an obvious area to head for in Bergen to enjoy some nightlife so we were delighted to stumble on this place on Christies gate (Number 14). Garage is well known not just in Norway but in Scandinavia as a rock music venue and many bands have made their live debuts here (among them Kings of Convenience). International bands play here too and forthcoming gigs can be viewed at entrance is on street level and on this floor Garage is a pub with a large bar in the centre tha...Read More

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Bergen Aquarium

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Attraction | "Bergen Aquarium - No Wrapper on These Penguins"

Bergen Aquarium Photo, Bergen, Norway
What do you do on a rainy day in a city renowned for bad weather and that is surrounded by water? You go to the aquarium of course! As if you hadn't seen enough water! Bergen Aquarium has a reputation of being one of the finest in Europe and while I haven't been to many, I can see why Bergen's has this good reputation. The aquarium is situated about 1.6 Kilometres from the fish market, which in tourist terms is the heart of the city. It stands at the end of the Nordnes peninsular and you can find it quite easily by walking as far as you can before you end up in the fjord. When you fall in you know you have gone too far. I was going to say "when you get wet" but as it rains virt...Read More

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Bergen Aquarium
Nordnesbakken 4
+47 55 55 71 71

Lille Lungegårdsvann

Attraction | "Lille Lungegårdsvann - Bergen's City Centre Lake"

Lille Lungegårdsvann - Bergen's city lake and park Photo, Bergen, Norway
This attractive lake in the middle of a small park is the perfect place to sit and watch the birds, have a picnic lunch or just rest your feet for a while. The name translates roughly as "little water" and this lake is popular with ornithologists because a number of diffrent sea birds like to feed here. A large fountain sends a plume of water up into the air in the centre of the lake. Looking across the lake with the harbour behind you offers a good view of the houses climbing the hillside.You're bound to come across the lake and park not least because several of Bergen's museums (namely the Bergen Art Museum and the West Norway Museum of Decorative Art) are situated overlooking the lake....Read More

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Berntsen private accommodation

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Hotel | "Berntsen - The Room at the Top"

Private accommodation Berntsen, Bergen Photo, Bergen, Norway
We booked this private accommodation through the Bergen Tourist Office having not realised when we booked our flights that the international festival was taking place when we were going to be in Bergen. Since accommodation can seem expensive to non-Norwegians this turned out to be a good move. We paid 450 NOK per night plus a booking fee of 50 NOK for the tourist office. The first night was paid in advance by credit card, the other night was paid in cash to the owner.The house is located about ten minutes walk from town and is on the strip of land between the two harbours, leading eventually to the Bergen Aquarium. There are a few restaurants and bars nearby as well as a couple of shops to...Read More

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Egon Restaurant

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Restaurant | "Egon"

Egon Restaurant Photo, Bergen, Norway
I knew before I went to Norway that I would find it expensive in comparison with prices in Britain but I was still a little surprised at how much more. Therefore I was on the lookout for ways of reducing my costs without feeling like I was skimping. We were handed leaflets for Egon Restaurant, situated just in front of the food hall close to the Bryggen and Fishmarket although there is another branch in the city centre.I have learned from the website that Egon is a Norwegian chain with restaurants in locations all over the country and that all restaurants offer the same dishes so this review should be useful to you whichever branch you choose to eat at.The reason we ate there w...Read More

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Egon Restaurant
Vetrlidsalmenningen 2

+47 55 55 22 22

Pars Restaurant

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Restaurant | "Pars"

Pars Restaurant Photo, Bergen, Norway
It's often the case in expensive countries and cities that 'ethnic Asian' food (except for Japanese) is the cheapest way to go if you are on a budget. With that in mind we found 'Pars' a small Persian restaurant about ten minutes walk from the port in Bergen, it's distance from the main 'touristy' area may also explain why its more affordable though it's by no means out of the way. With little lanterns lit aound the place, making the brass ornaments gleam, it certainly looked enticing on a wet Bergen night. We hadn't booked but we managed to get a table in spite of the place seeming quite busy. The atmosphere was lively with a few groups in but it wasn't overbearing. The decor is a...Read More

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Pars Restaurant
Sigurds Gate 5
Bergen, Norway
(55) 563-722

Taste of Indian

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Restaurant | "Taste of Indian - Slow but Sure"

A Taste of Indian, Bergen Photo, Bergen, Norway
Tatse of Indian has two restaurants on the same Bergen street. We found the one in the white timber house first but we hadn't booked and they had no tables so we went along to the other which is a minutes walk along a pedestrian street and above some shops. An advertising board points out the entrance. The interior is quite opulent with richly coloured velvet drapes, lots of ornaments such as a number of ornate carved elephants and lots of flower garlands hanging from anywhere possible. It's a trifle over the top but it's fun.We were shown to a table at the far end of the restaurant whch was fine although there are lots of tables crammed in and it makes going to the toilet a nu...Read More

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