Cook Islands Journals

Aitutaki - Absolute Paradise

A December 2008 trip to Cook Islands by Jolantka

Quote: Inviting, turquoise lagoon, excellent snorkeling, superb tropical setting


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AITUTAKIESCAPE TO PARADISEAitutaki is one of the 15 islands in the Cook Islands group. Well, it really is a shining pearl of Cook Islands. It is much more than just a tropical island with its fragrant and colorful flowers, sandy beaches, swaying palms and crystal clear and warm waters. Aitutaki, meaning ‘to keep the fire going’, gives her name to a lagoon of all shades of turquoise and azure waters and islets and reefs surrounding the lagoon. Everything happens at a slow pace of ‘ Island Time’ so the most relaxing atmosphere prevails at all times. Aitutaki has a rich history starting with the first Polynesian settlers arriving in canoes, then Captain Bligh sighting the atoll i...Read More