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8 Days in Puerto Rico

An April 2008 trip to San Juan by gracef

The view from our condo Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico More Photos
Quote: 8 days driving around Puerto Rico with a 3-year-old.

Racquet Club Condominiums

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The view from our condo Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
We found this one bedroom condo on Isla Verde on The price for 8 days was $1012. xx (that includes a one-time cleaning fee and taxes).Our first impression when we got to the condo was not great but it grew on us. The condo looks as nice as it does in pictures but you get a bit put off when you look at the edge of the doors and window sills, walls destroyed by damp mold. The air conditioning units are also loud and distracting. However, you really don't need them on that much. The view was fantastic. The condo overlooks the Isla Verde strip of beach. The best part of this place is waking up to the sound of the waves hitting the beach. It's the most wonderful soun...Read More

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Restaurante Raices

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Restaurant | "Raices"

Restaurante Raices Photo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
We wanted to visit Raices in Caguas, Puerto Rico because of Anthony Bourdain's piece on it on Travel Channel. Walking around Old San Juan for a bit of lunch, we happened upon Raices Old San Juan. It was about 3pm and we were the only customers.The wait staff was dressed in traditional Puerto Rican dress I guess. It was a rustic looking restaurant with mostly wooden interior. Beverages were served in tin/metal cups. We think this place must be pretty popular because there were at least a dozen staff milling around us as we sat.I decided to go with the pork chop: Chuleta Kan Kan (15.95), which is what I believe Anthony Bourdain had on his show. Of course the mofongo (4.25) was ...Read More

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Restaurante Raices
Calle Recinto Sur #315
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(787) 289-2121