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Pitcairn Island

A February 2008 trip to Pitcairn Islands by statesidecruiser

Pitcairn Islands Photo, Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific More Photos
Quote: The last British colony in the Pacific, Pitcairn has a population of between 35 and 50 people

Pitcairn Island

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Pitcairn Islands Photo, Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific
It is rare for a cruise ship to approach Pitcairn Island. It is not a port at which such a ship can dock or even remain at anchor some distance out at sea. However, our captain obtained special permission to circumnavigate the island. A long boat filled with Pitcairn Island residents pulled alongside our ship early in the day, and the occupants boarded. They were given space to set up a display of articles for sale in the Grand Lounge. Carved wooden items and T shirts were sold along with some picture postcards and stamps. As passengers examined and purchased the offered goods, the ship moved around the entire island. The result was some spectacular photo opportunities. ...Read More

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