Tahiti Journals

French Polynesia

A July 2007 trip to Tahiti by Jolantka

Quote: Tahiti and its islands are a dream destination, Bora Bora my favourite.

French Polynesia


TAHITIThe first thing one will notice arriving in Tahiti is the overpowering smell of Tiare. There are many varieties of prettier flowers like hibiscus in all its colors of red and pink, shades of yellow to orange and white; graceful heliconias and bromeliads, Flamingo flowers and a colorful variety of orchids. They all are pleasing to the eye but it is Tiare and frangipani that are used for flower headdresses, necklaces or a simple flower behind everybody’s ear. Papeete has French sophistication gently mixed with the Polynesian culture. There are also elegant boutiques, jewelry shops with exquisite black pearl of Tahiti, perfumeries and French restaurants.The trip through...Read More