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Sochi - A Great Place to Recuperate

A June 2006 trip to Sochi by fizzytom

Quote: How I spent five days recovering from Georgian mozzie bites on the Russian coast.

The Dance of the Sochi Landladies

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The best value for money accommodation in Sochi is private rooms, sometimes in the owners home, sharing the facilities with them, or else one where the accommodation is solely yours and the owner lives nearby. Commonly elderly ladies rent out their flats and then live nearby with friends or family. This brings them much needed income.It's important to know that if you are just arriving in Russia, most likely having sailed from Georgia you do need to register your visa; the office is near the train station but is not open daily and operates quite erratic hours on those days it is open. The most hassle free way of dealing with this is to spend your first night in a hotel and have the staf...Read More

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The Dance of the Sochi Landladies