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Cook Islands

A December 2008 trip to Cook Islands by Jolantka

Quote: Scenic, warm, superb destination, tropical paradise

Cook Islands

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COOK ISLANDSESCAPE TO PARADISECook Islands mean smiling faces, friendly Kia Orana greeting, sound of waves braking on the reefs surrounding the islands, color and smell of exotic flowers, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets. The islands are on “island time” which denotes absolute and total relaxation.Rarotonga is the entry point for international flights and a pearl of the Pacific in itself. However, there are 15 islands in the group scattered over thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean. They are diverse and unique, raging from tall, volcanic to coral atolls. Most islands are serviced by regular Air Rarotonga flights. Only a couple of islands in the Norther...Read More