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Koreatown in Los Angeles

An April 2008 trip to Los Angeles by E. B.

Quote: There are more Koreans in Los Angeles than in any other city in Korea other Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
I booked this hotel for my boyfriend who needed a place to stay close to a conference in the Koreatown area. I checked several reviews to see which hotel nearest to the conference would be the best. After seeing some scary reviews, I selected this place because it had the least scary reviews. Some of the reviews talked about how bad the place was.We stayed on the third floor. The rooms were fine. There were no scary incidents. I did notice a woodsy odor from the cabinets. They appeared to be unfinished cedar to keep the moths away. There is no pool, but there is a restaurant on site, and parking is only $5 for your whole stay. You could do far worse. My only complaint is that we had expected...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on April 19, 2008

Ramada Wilshire Center
Los Angeles, California 90010

Yu GA Ne - Authentic Korean Dumplings

Restaurant | "Authentic Korean Dumplings"

We drove down 7th Street and saw a little shack with a sign that said "Korean dumplings." My boyfriend LOVES dumplings, so we decided to come back for lunch. He ordered the King dumplings (pronounced "wahng mahn-doo" in Korean), while I ordered the jah-jahg-myun combo with the dumplings (noodles in black bean sauce). The bahn-chahn (side dishes) were kimchee and yellow daikon radish slices. They gave you cold barley tea to drink.The king dumplings were HUGE. I can see why someone can make a meal of six dumplings. I received two dumplings with the noodles for only $6.99. My boyfriend's six dumplings were $4.99. I tried to share my noodles with him, but I was having trouble since the noodles w...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on April 19, 2008

Yu GA Ne - Authentic Korean Dumplings
698 S Irolo St.
Los Angeles 90006
(213) 480-1289