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Crusing Antarctica

A January 2007 trip to Antarctica by TwoIdiots

Chinstrap Penguin Parent and Chick Photo, More Photos
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Crusing Antarctica


Chinstrap Penguin Parent and Chick Photo,
Antarctica - millions of penguins with no human in sight except us - 49 tourists. It was a good decision to travel to Antarctica on a small boat dispite the rock'n'rolling crossing the Drake Passage. Even with the few of us, our presence have created obvious disruptions in wildlife behavior.Quick Tips: Tourist season for Antarctica begins in late November and ends in early March. However, arriving too early in the season means less landings because of packed ice. Arriving too late in the season means that the penguins may have raised their chicks and gone, and the ship crew is tired. Arriving at the peak of the season translates to higher prices.Best Way To Get Around: For most cruis...Read More

12 Day Antarctica Cruise

Best Of IgoUgo


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Chapter One - Starting from the End of the WorldThe day after Christmas, we boarded the plane from Puenta Arenas to Ushuaia, awaiting our much anticipated New Year cruise to Antarctica. The flight over the Tierra del Fuego region was cloudy but beautiful with verdant waterways underneath and the Andes hanging out by the tip of the wings. Due to problems in booking our flight, we arrived Ushuaia a week early. We stayed two blocks from the center of town in Hotel Malvinas. A friendly inn keeper, 24 hour free breakfast, very clean room, and non-smoking internet café half a block away made the wait went by much quicker.January 2nd, we finally left Ushuaia aboard Professor Multanovskiy....Read More