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Bali's Fabulous Waterfall

A February 2008 trip to Bali by sueta

Powerful waterfall of Nunung Photo, Bali, Indonesia More Photos
Quote: It is one of the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Bali, located at Nunung Village.

Nunung Waterfall


Powerful waterfall of Nunung Photo, Bali, Indonesia
It is located at Nunung village, a small mountain village about 60 km north of Denpasar and about 35 km from Ubud. You can go to this village by going through the village of Abiansemal, Sangeh Village where it is well known for its huge Monkey sanctuary and then via Petang Village. If you are starting your day of outing from Ubud, Sangeh would be worth to choose for your first stop if you are keen on seeing monkeys.It is a rich farming village where they grow rice, and other tropical farms such as corn, sweet potatoes, clove, vanilla, etc. when you go or drive by the village you will easily see the sign of a waterfall and it leads you to drive in through the rich farming area to a huge parking lo...Read More

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Munduk Waterfall


Munduk Waterfall Photo, Bali, Indonesia
Munduk is small mountain village where most of the people are growing coffee and clove. It lies on a mountain side which has a great view over northern coast line as well as the central moutain ranges. It has a nice waterfall where we have to walk down through a dirt path along the coffee and clove farms. It has a fresh mountain air and the waterfall has a crystal clear water where you can have a great shower under the drops.It is great to visit it on the route to Lovina, where you can have a lovely tours including Bedugul central mountains with its three beautiful lakes. If you are coming from Denpasar, pass the Bedugul and then make a left turn after the fores...Read More

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