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A March 2008 trip to Vienna by LorenGul

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Quote: Nizam's Restaurant is well worth experiencing if you want to get to know real Turkish food.


Restaurant | "Nizam's Restaurant"

Nizam's Photo, Vienna, Virginia
For the last 32 years Mr. Nizam Ozgur's restaurant in Vienna,Virginia has been serving authentic and delicious Turkish food. The menu is rich with grilled beef, lamb, pork and seafood dishes. The daily dinner specialty is the "Doner Kebab" which is shaved lamb meat served over a thin layer of pita bread and topped with yogurt sauce. This is what I usually choose for dinner. There also an amazing spread of "Meze" which means appetizer, is offered before the main course.You'd be amazed what they do with beans, phlo-dough, and eggplants. The other dishes I can recommend are "Tavuk Sultan" which is baked chicken breast layered with "Kasar Peynir" cheese, and "Sis Kofte" which is ground lamb prepared with ...Read More

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Vienna 22182
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