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The Scottish Coast

A September 2007 trip to Scotland by JennGAPeach

The North Sea Photo, More Photos
Quote: Family vacation in North Berwick, Scotland with day trips to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish Coast


The North Sea Photo,
There's much more to see and do in Scotland's golf country than play golf. North Berwick is a charming seaport town with art galleries, cute shops and a beach that inspired "Treasure Island." Easily accessible to Edinburgh by a 25-minute train ride, it was far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city to have some down time, but close enough to enjoy the Edinburgh sites. Quick Tips: If you're low on time (I was only there for 5 days), book tours in advance. It's a great way to see as much as possible - the double decker bus tours in Scotland give a great overview of the city and there are several tour groups that go into the Highlands that cater to smaller groups. The dolla...Read More

Mews Cottage


Mews Cottage Photo, North Berwick, Scotland
Great seaside carriage house, perfect for an extended stay in Scotland. Central location, especially if you're traveling with golfers. The house is comfortable and clean, feeling more like home than a hotel. The owners, Bryan and Gilly, are hospitable and full of local information. They own a fantastic art gallery in town that is definitely worth a visit. If you're nice, they may even invite you to dinner for an authentic Scottish meal (including haggis) - Gilly is a trained professional chef. It's amazing to wake up to fresh, cool salty air and killer view. The cottage is a 15 min. walk from town via the golf course and about 25 min. to the train station - or a quick cab.

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Mews Cottage
Abbotsford Road
North Berwick EH39 5DB
+44 01620 892030