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A March 2008 trip to Florence by Chopalinho

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Quote: An Italian Classic in an Italian Classic

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500 Touring Club Photo, Florence, Italy
On the recommendation of a good friend I found a great way of seeing the sights of Florence - in a vintage Fiat 500! These guys have set up a business running guided convoy tours, in a sort of "follow my leader" fashion, where you drive your own fiat. We (3 of us) took "Paola", a beautifully restored red 500 L, and after a quick lesson in their "simulator" we took to the streets in a convoy of multi-coloured Italian classics. It's quite something to be a tourist attraction yourself, with people stopping every time we did to take photos of the cars and wave at us! There was radio commentary from the lead car to keep us informed and amused (nice to have something a little different than just another his...Read More

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