Santa Barbara Journals

I Went Paragliding in Santa Barbara

A July 2007 trip to Santa Barbara by parahead

Quote: I spent two days learning to paragliding with Eagle Paragliding in Snata Barbara. My girlfriend didn't want to fly herself, so she went tandem.

John L


This past summer, I spent two days learning to paraglide with Eagle Paragliding in Santa Barbara, CA. My mom bought me a gift certificate for my birthday, so I took my girlfriend over to Santa Barbara with me both days. We spent most of the morning learning to control the glider over our heads. By the afternoon, Kevin told my I was ready for my first flight. I pulled the glider up and ran down the hill. The wind picked me up and there I was flying!!! It was amazing. Each flight was about 20-30 seconds, and I got 4 flights in that afternoon. The second day, I was ready to fly in the morning, so I got 10 flights in. I used to have dreams of ...Read More

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