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2 Glorious Weeks in Senegal, West Africa

A December 2007 trip to Senegal by aviron7

Shower at our hotel Photo, Senegal, Africa More Photos
Quote: Since a friend of mine lives in Senegal, I decided to take a trip halfway around the world. Awesome!

Djoudj Hotel

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Shower at our hotel Photo, Senegal, Africa
The Djoudj Hotel is the only hotel inside the Djoudj National Bird Park in northern Senegal. Although it's the only african hotel i stayed in, so i have nothing to compare it to, i enjoyed it as an experience.The rooms were very spacious. There were 2 twin beds, a desk, a toilet room, a shower room, closet, and an air conditioning unit. They were very clean and well maintained and painted beautifully with a different bird painted in every room. There was also always hot water for showers.One thing that I found out the first night there, was that, since they are in the middle of no where in a national park, all electricity is on generators and all generators are cut off at midnight. All this ...Read More

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