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Oahu for Beginners, from the Surf to the Shops

A March 2008 trip to Honolulu by dimmzy

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Quote: The "aloha" spirit is still alive on Oahu as the shops, the surf and the sublime manage to coexist somewhat happily.

Oahu for Beginners, from the Surf to the Shops


Beautiful beaches ...  Photo, Oahu, Hawaii
Teeming with people, upscale shops, seedy neighborhoods and glorious beaches, Oahu gives a wildly diverse meaning of the term "paradise." Some relatives and I (all adults) spent a week there recently, probably four days longer than most visitors. But with free beachfront lodging, it would be ridiculous to go anywhere else although most travelers prefer the more trendy Maui or the more beautiful (and less crowded) Kauai.At first glance, Honolulu is an overcrowded, tacky city with ugly housing developments marching up the once-beautiful mountainsides that surround it. Low-rise motels resting on rickety stilts perch side by side with sleek high-rises on narrow, overcrowded streets. H...Read More
Aloha Stadium Swap Meet Photo, Honolulu, Oahu
Skip the monotonous ABC Stores, Hawaii's uninspired souvenir shops that are found on more street corners than Starbucks. Instead, head for the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at the Aloha Stadium (found easily off Exit 1 of the H-1 expressway).Unlike the rest of Honolulu, the Aloha Swap Meet has ample parking since it's at Hawaii's top football stadium. Admission is just $1 per person and you can park anywhere. Literally hundreds of vendors circle the outside of the stadium in three rows. After three hours there, my party and I managed to only visit one row.Unlike most urban flea markets, where vendors sell unique items or antiques, the Aloha Sw...Read More

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Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
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Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
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