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The Wildcat's Own Private Idaho III

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A July 1994 trip to Boise by Wildcat Dianne

Loki at Lake Josephine--1994 Photo, Idaho, United States More Photos
Quote: Going through some old photos, I found more writing material from past vacations that I must write about before leaving Idaho for Florida.

Seasons Deli & Catering, Inc.

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Restaurant | "Seasons Deli & Catering, Inc."

Turkey Muffaletta and Fries from Seasons Photo, Eagle, Idaho
Mom was babysitting our friend Karla's little one, and I was alone this Friday night with the fur children. After working 10 days in a row and looking forward to a rare weekend off from work, I was not in the mood to cook for myself and very tired. Several co-workers had been raving about this new deli in Eagle called Seasons, that had Italian and Louisiana-style sandwiches and food at reasonable prices and huge portions. What better time than being home alone for most of the night to try a new restaurant.The Seasons menu at the Service Desk at work said that in order to get faster service was to call or fax your order in ahead of time. After I ran to WinCo for some milk and ...Read More

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Carrabba's Italian Grill

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The Bar at Carrabba's Photo, Meridian, Idaho
April 30, 2008 was my 41st birthday and my friend Leslie's 58th birthday. Since becoming friends 8 years ago, we always try to do something on our day together, and it usually means going out to dinner with my Mom. This year is a little different in that this will be the last birthday in Idaho since Mom and I are moving to Florida next month, and I don't know if Leslie and I will be together for another birthday dinner, so it had to be a good dinner to remember for both of us.On our birthday morning, I left Leslie a message on her answering machine. Since Leslie lives across the road, I knew she was at work, but I wanted to cut to the chase and see what we were doing that night. Les...Read More

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Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel Synagogue

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Ahavath Beth Israel Synagogue Photo, Boise, Idaho
With Mom and I facing a move to Florida in the near future, I am trying to see as much of the Treasure Valley sights and sounds before leaving Idaho for sunny Florida. Last week, I had a couple of days off from work and was looking forward to taking Loki and Katie for a walk on the Green Belt with Mom and our friend Karla's kid Lauren. But first, I had to get there from our home in Meridian, and I thought to myself, "I have been interested in seeing the synagogue in Boise since I have always been interested in Jewish history in the USA and Europe. So I packed Loki and Katie in the car and off we went to check out the Ahavath Beth Israel Synagogue, which is located in Southeast...Read More

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Lake Josephine Memories--July 1994

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Loki at Lake Josephine--1994 Photo, Idaho, United States
The summer of 1994 was a crazy one for me. I was just married, and my now ex was off in Colorado tending to his sick mother, and I wasn't about to spend the summer in Moscow, Idaho, where we were attending the University of Idaho alone and not making any money with a crappy summer job up there because every summer, Moscow becomes a ghost town when school's out for summer. So I went home to Donnelly, Idaho to spend time with Mom, my sister Erika, and our zoo which at the time consisted of two German Shepherds named Nicholas and his younger brother, the famous Loki, and four cats. I worked full time at Bryan's Burger Den, where my sister was a manager, and I had worked there for the la...Read More
Anita fishing in Lick Creek II Photo, Idaho, United States
Another adventure from my Summer of 1994. Shortly after arriving back home from school in nortern Idaho to work and be with family for the summer, our friend Anita calls me and invites me to spend the day with her and her husband Sam fishing at Lick Creek, another hidden gem outside of McCall, Idaho. I don't fish, but I relished the idea of spending a day in the great outdoors with a good friend and co-worker like Anita.So Anita and Sam came and picked me up at our house in Donnelly in their big yellow truck with the extended cab. Their German Shorthaired Pointer Missy was in the backseat and greeted me warmly as I climbed into the truck. Glad Missy was friendly, or I would have had...Read More