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A February 2008 trip to Shanghai by panda2

Quote: A huge, modern city, with western influences

Bund Riverside Hotel (The)

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Hotel | "The Bund Riverside Hotel"

After arriving in its new Pudong International Airport (PVG), we wanted to ride its Maglev train from the airport, but the ticket person refused to sell any tickets as he was cashing out his drawer five minutes before the last scheduled train at 21:32, but failing to acquire tickets we couldn't go. We inquired at a bus operator's booth informing them of the area we needed, to take Bus No. 5 to get to the area needed where our hotel is located. The fare was CNY 32 per person. The fare collector signaled us to get off at the closest stop for us on the bus. Then we asked the taxi to take us to the hotel but was unsuccessful. There was a second taxi behind him stopped, so we inquired with him, he als...Read More

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Bund Riverside Hotel (The)
398 East Beijing Road
Shanghai 200001

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