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Light Ship Chesapeake

An October 2007 trip to Baltimore by LorenGul

Light Ship Chesapeake Photo, Baltimore, Maryland More Photos
Quote: It is a about the Light Ship Chesapeake located in the Inner Harbor at Baltimore, MD. A retired light ship and now on display.

Light Ship Chesapeake

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Light Ship Chesapeake Photo, Baltimore, Maryland
I have always thought of lighthouses, oceans and ships sailing on the high seas to be very romantic. While visiting Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, I was introduced to the Lightship Chesapeake. I had never heard of a “lightship” before and upon inquiry, I was told their purpose was to act as a lighthouse. It seems that once upon a time, lightships were anchored out in the ocean and for six months at a time, a crew of up to 16 men fought the elements to maintain this floating beacon…come hell or high water, as the saying goes. My mind fled back to the days of handsome buccaneers standing stoic and bare-chested amidst the roars and smoke of their cannons. Picture Errol Flynn (or Fabio for the y...Read More