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View of Hills in Night Inspired the Artist Inside

A February 2008 trip to Himachal Pradesh by hilltrekker

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Quote: View of hills in night inspired the artist inside and now I am ready to begin my art studio with the name "Evening Hills".

View of Hills in Night Inspired the Artist Inside


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I used to do painting long ago but had left all these things because of lack of some stimulating subject but now when my eyes and soul got lost into the beauty of Himachal hills during night, all the lost energy has been induced into my mind after manyfold multiplication and now I have planned to begin my art studio and I will be naming it as "EVENING HILLS". My fingers are getting desperate to put up these views on canvas. These hills look very beautiful during the day too but their beauty and attraction takes a very appealing and stimulating colour and look as the twilight heads in my opinion. My eyes will perhaps feel empty after I step out of these hills. But Thanks Himachal, to awake and inspire ...Read More
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The village Bajaura in Kullu is a good vegetable belt and many people grow vegetables here for their livelihood.People are very hard-working. A small link road from Bajaura goes towards a beautiful village Ropa that has many beautiful and rural scenes to view. There is also temple that is said to be existing since many centuries.

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