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A September 2007 trip to Paradise Island by Chrisdonsam

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Quote: Twice I have been fortunate enough to go to Paradise Island in The Bahamas and twice my love for it beats any other.


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Atlantis Photo, Paradise Island, Bahamas
The Atlantis Resort located just across the bridge from Nassau, Bahamas is by far the most spectacular, most inviting resort I have ever seen.My husband and I first visited the Island in October 2002 when he won an all expenses paid trip for 4. We, along with our two best friends enjoyed a week long stay consisting of many interesting activities, terrific accomodations and fine dining. When we left the resort back then we knew that we just had to come back one day and fortunately in September 2007 we did just that.If you are planning a trip to the Island there are several things you will need to know beforehand. One major thing you will need to know is that beauty is not cheap a...Read More

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