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A March 2008 trip to Belo Horizonte by Freddie V8

Sorriso do Lagarto Hostel Photo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil More Photos
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Sorriso do Lagarto Hostel

Hotel | "O Sorriso do Lagarto"

Sorriso do Lagarto Hostel Photo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
O Sorriso do Lagarto, though located in a residential area of Belo Horizonte - savassi / sao pedro is also close to most bars and the best nightlife in the city. The staff is totally laid-back and make you feel like you actually live in the house. They speak portuguese, spanish and english and always help and give good advice when you need it, even when sometimes the manager would just leave the place and let the guests all by themselves - and it is always good to know you are trusted and the owners do not need to keep watching you..It was fun we indeed checked-in and registered people who showed up with reservations, fixed them with linens and beds and gave hostel info when the phone rang ...Read More

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Sorriso do Lagarto Hostel
Calle Cristina, 791 São Pedro
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
+55 (31) 3283-9325

Congonhas - Parque da Cachoeira Photo, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Congonhas, Minas Gerais. Located 90Km (55mi) from Belo Horizonte, Congonhas is one of the historic nineteen cities of the 18th Century Gold Cycle of Minas Gerais, also known as "The Prophets City" due to the Statues of the Twelve Prophets made by famous baroque sculptor Aleijadinho in soapstone. Just out of curiosity, Aleijadinho in Portuguese means "the little crippled". That’s because he lost use of his hands, though still would manage to work strapping his tools to his wrists.Congonhas has one of the richest collections of sacred pieces and ornamented churches in the country and the architetonic and artistic ensemble of Basilica dos Matosinhos got the title of Cultural Human Patrimon...Read More

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