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Queenstown, New Zealand

A June 2004 trip to Queenstown by TLM2008

Browns Boutique Hotel Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand More Photos
Quote: Self-appointed adventure capital but more than just bungee jumping!

Browns Boutique Hotel

Hotel | "Brown's Boutique"

Browns Boutique Hotel Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand
Since I had the pleasure of visiting Queenstown in winter, the fact that Brown's Boutique has central heating was enough to make me a very happy traveller! But I digress - it certainly has far more than warm rooms to offer. The hotel combines the best of both a hotel stay and a bed and breakfast. Our host, Alex made it quite clear that he was available to help as much as we would like and yet we were also able to maintain the level of separateness and anonymity that we tend to favour when travelling. The common areas are well-appointed and comfortable...big comfy sofas, fireplace, nice cozy dining room. The rooms are equally as nice. Our room had a big bathroom and a beautiful view.But...Read More

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Browns Boutique Hotel
26 Isle Street
Queenstown, New Zealand
+64 (3) 441-2050

The Cow


With its history of bungee jumping and other extreme adventures, Queenstown is the self-professed adventure capital of the world. Our dinner outing tonight may have lent creedance to this claim as it was an adventure in and of itself. The Cow had actually been our third choice for restaurants on the night we went but fortunately for us the other two locations we had in mind were both closed for renovations (it was the off-season when we visited). The Cow has the appearance of something out of Dungeons and Dragons (or maybe Baldur's gate if you are a video game fan?). It is all stone and wood and we even sat on little milking stool type things while dining. A roaring fire was burning awa...Read More

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AJ Hackett

Best Of IgoUgo

Attraction | "AJ Hackett Bungee Jumping"

AJ Hackett  Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand
There are several surfaces of height from which you can launch yourself off of in Queenstown, New Zealand but I opted for the Kawarau Bridge. At 43 metres it's not the tallest of the structures offering bungee excursions but as the first commercial bungee opperation in the world (since 1988), the purist in me wanted to visit where it all began. I'm a sucker for historical significance.Bungy jumping anywhere will cost you a pretty penny and New Zealand is no different but it's one of those things that I felt I just *had* to do and from my perspective it was definitely money well spent. AJ Hackett charges $160 to bungy from the Kawarau bridge and this includes transport to the bridge and a n...Read More

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AJ Hackett
The Station - Queenstown Bungy Centre - Cnr Camp & Shotover St
03 4501300