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A Ggreat Beach Holiday

A December 2007 trip to Zanzibar by Malaika13

Mbuyuni Beach Village Photo, Zanzibar, Tanzania More Photos
Quote: I think there is not better place to celebrate x-mass and new year than on Zanzibar beach.
Mbuyuni Beach Village Photo, Zanzibar, Tanzania
We got to the Mbuyuni beach Village on x-mass eve, in the late evening, when we got there, we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of the place and the location, the hotel is a small one but very clean run by a local family, based in the lovely bungalows. The hotel is not crowded at all, the beach is clean and the staff were great. While we were there, we did a good snorkeling and dolphin trip which were a wonderful. The food in their restaurant was very good and cheap. I do plan to take my parents for the next summer there.

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Mbuyuni Beach Village
Between Jambiani and Paje
Zanzibar, Tanzania
+255 777843622