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A January 2008 trip to Shenzhen by writeonthespot

D Louvre Photo, Paris, France More Photos
Quote: Windows of the World is in Shenzhen. Great attraction. It's like being around the world in a day.

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D' Louvre Photo, Paris, France
Windows of the World is a great place to be!Imagine yourself in downtown Manhattan then in Grand Canyon and in Niagara Falls in a span of a few hours or minutes.My favorite is the garden where world-renown sculptures are displayed.Get into five continents: North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa and see the beauty each continent can offer.Never to be missed is the European continent complete with the churches from different European countries along with historical landmarks and tourist attractions like Paris' Eiffel Tower.Windows of the World is good for families, friends or even if you are traveling solo. You'll find a great inspiration...Read More

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