Langnau im Emmental Journals

Emmental countryside & the Tauferjahr

An October 2007 trip to Langnau im Emmental by meadowlark

Quote: Famous for cheese and boasting beautiful countryside, we explored this region by car and followed in the foot steps of our Anabaptist ancestors for the Tauferjahr.

Emmental countryside & the Tauferjahr


Drive through the countryside: If your image of Switzerland is of rolling green hills, cute chalets and the sound of cowbells, then the Emmental is the place to visit. Although local buses can take you to most of the small towns, driving gives you the opportunity to explore the countryside. Follow in the footsteps of the Anabaptists: 2007 was declared the Tauferjahr. Taufer is the Swiss word for Anabaptists (from which the Mennonites and Amish came), a group that started in this area and lived here until the 17th century despite severe persecution for their religious beliefs (in particular pacifism). Several historical sites have been marked and we had an excellent time following t...Read More