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Madrid- More Highlights

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An April 2007 trip to Madrid by LenR

Plaza Mayor Photo, Madrid, Spain More Photos
Quote: This journal has some personal highlights I particularly enjoyed in Madrid. All are within easy walking distance of the city center.

Madrid- More Highlights

Best Of IgoUgo


Plaza Mayor Photo, Madrid, Spain
Madrid has many highlights. I covered some of the obvious ones in my “Madrid Sightseeing Highlights” journal and here I describe some of the more personal places I discovered on my walks around the city.The Plaza Mayor is very well known but I was unprepared for how I was constantly attracted back to this wonderful square. My first visit was overwhelming. The square was full of people, the blue sky contrasted marvelously with the buildings, the restaurants were in full swing and there was a real buzz to the whole place. Later we returned for the stamp market on Sunday morning, for a closer inspection of the buildings early one other morning, and late one evening after a “tapas crawl”. Each t...Read More