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A Layover in Cairo

A November 2007 trip to Cairo by fallschirmhosen

Novotel Cairo Airport Photo, Cairo, Egypt More Photos
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Novotel Cairo Airport

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Novotel Cairo Airport Photo, Cairo, Egypt
A few blocks away from Cairo's international airport is the Novotel Cairo Airport. This is EgyptAir's hotel of choice when putting passengers in a hotel during long layovers.The lobby is large and quite modern, with comfortable sofas to sit on, TVs, and lots of people coming and going. The World Arab Games were being played during my brief time there, and the hotel was being used by many national teams...Kuwait, Oman, and Iraq.The room itself is a tad smaller than the average size, but that should not be a deterrent as it is very comfortable, clean, and has everything you might need. There was one queen/king size bed in the room, along with a small table, TV, coffee maker, and w...Read More

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Novotel Cairo Airport
Cairo, Egypt

Layovers in Cairo with EgyptAir

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On a recent trip to Yemen, I flew EgyptAir from New York to Sana'a via Cairo. I found my layover with EgyptAir to be the most frustrating experiences when flying.Going to Yemen, I had a 10 hour layover in Cairo. Before landing in Cairo, my plan was to spend the day visiting the Pyramids of Giza or something else Egyptian-like. The in-flight magazine even had an ad for a company that offers day tours, and I would not even need a visa to do it. So, it all sounded good.Upon landing in Cairo, I walked to the transit desk to get my connection flight's boarding pass. However, it was closed. An airport official told me to wait, along with a few other men. Ten minutes later we were ...Read More