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Kitzbühel in December

A December 1997 trip to Kitzbuhel by larrissaBCE

Quote: Is skiing really the only thing to do????

Kitzbühel in December


The skiing was definetly amazing... there is really nothing quite like the fresh inches of powder underneath your newly waxed skis... and the sun shining down on you as you wander aimlessly trying to find the bahnhof....

Quick Tips:

Try to learn some of the language before you go... very few people actually speak English there... it´s very difficult to wander the streets, not knowing what the signs mean and almost getting hit by an Austrian taxi... twice. Trust me... learn a few basic things.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking is definetly the easiest. Kitzbühel isn´t that big... you can get around fairly easily... if you speak the language or know your way around a little.

Kitzbühel Ski Area


The snow when I was there was amazing. Some of the slopes were a little bit closed... and therefore dangerous. My group spoke no German, needless to say we went on the closed runs... here comes the whole "Learn some of the language" thing again. We almost got ourselves killed and ended up about 10km away from the nearest ski lift. There were taxi´s at the bottom. Thank god! But I decided to learn German after that. Another good idea to avoid that kind of situation would be asking when you buy your ticket what all of the signs are and what they mean, I know that that would have helped us a lot. Always ski with a visa in your pocket... just in case you need heli-evacuation. That would be fun. ...Read More

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