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Mi Bonito Paraiso

A June 2007 trip to Batangas by writeonthespot

Batangas port Photo, Batangas, Philippines More Photos
Quote: It's a small island off the main island of Luzon. A little paradise shaped like a heart.

Mi Bonito Paraiso


Batangas port Photo, Batangas, Philippines
Bonito Island -- an island paradise. Just a small heart-shaped island off the coast of Luzon, Bonito is semi-untouched, not full developed but leaves a lot of natural beauty lying around.Bonito Island is a constant site for tourists who take the ferry going to the world-renowned Puerto Galera resort in Mindoro island.The beautiful thing about Bonito is that you can enjoy the island all to yourself. Just be wary of the strong current around the island.Quick Tips: Since Bonito island is small and can only cater to a number of guests, it is best that you book or reserve your rooms ahead of time.Also, inform them if you are a vegetarian or if you have food requirem...Read More

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