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7 Unknown Wonders of New York City

An October 2007 trip to New York by manatwork

Quote: A little history with a little bit of fun from the Big Apple
New York City is one of the world's most popular destinations (among tourists) in the world. You may have read the history of this great city from the world wide web and guide books but you may find some interesting 'hidden' histories behind these popular sights while in the Big Apple - who is General Grant; what's so important about Track 42 in Grand Central; where is the Knickerbocker Hotel and why is Pier 54 forgotten and yet important; what's beneath New York City's public library on 5th Avenue and what was Washington Square used to be? and why the Times Square is called Times Squares? You'll find these answers in 'The 7 Unknown Wonders of New York City' in More

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