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Cuzco-Machu Picchu Tips

A June 2006 trip to Cusco by mjulie555

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Quote: Where to stay in Cuzco, how to do the whole Machu Picchu thing, some extra tips, etc.

Cuzco-Machu Picchu Tips

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CUZCO: El ombligo del mundo! The belly button of the world is Cuzco's nickname. This town is a gorgeous combination of Incan and Spanish architecture. Cool air and the bluest skies imaginable. Before I forget, RELAX when you arrive in Cuzco. The altitude sickness rumor is no rumor, it is fact! People never believe me when I tell them to relax for a few hours and like rambunctious children they scurry off and explore, only to return an hour or two later feeling nauseous. The common custom is to relax in your hotel room for half a day when you arrive in town, bored and all, sipping a tea called mate. There are countless museums to see but just make sure you see the Koricancha Temple. T...Read More
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Kamilah Lodge was awesome. A place any girl would like so that says a lot. A few blocks from the plaza de armas (the big, central plaza) but well worth the short walk, not to mention quiet. Brand new hotel with great customer service. You'll meet the sweet woman named Sofia who brings juice around in the mornings. The hotel consists of a few townhouse-like buildings and inside a room or 2 on each floor (3-4 floors each). Depending on which room/floor you get you may have to share a bathroom with another room. The bottom floor is the kitchen and living room area that all in the building share. If that may sound unappealing it's actually pretty cool because it makes you get to know other travelers from ...Read More

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