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Beauty All Around

A November 2007 trip to Bruges by raymond longaray

Quote: Bruges is about an hour drive from Antwerp in Belgium. It also is one of the most atractive city of Europe. It h.

Beauty All Around


There are enough sites to keep you busy for over a weekThe main ones are Belfort Bell TowerBasiklica of the Holy Blood famous for it's relic of the blood ChristChurch of Our Lady with a Statue of Madonna and Child by Michelangelo only statue of his to leave ItalyBegijnhof a Benecditine Nun convent & museumMinnewater Park with it's canal and swans.Groeninge museum of Flemish Painters.Belfort Bell Tower over 290 ft high.Burg Square this is Bruges civic center and was the castle of the first count of Flandes.Almshouses this was a way to house the poor, rich people would pay for the rooms.Quick Tips: You need to take a horse carriage around the city an...Read More