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A December 2007 trip to Oakland by Pat Tam

Quote: I would like musk oxen from Alaska featured at the Oakland Zoo and quviot products sold in the gift shop.

Oakland Zoo


The Oakland Zoo has improved over the last 50 years in indescribable ways that are overwhelming to the visitor. The flora and fauna there are spectacular and lend an exotic motif and the animal, bird, reptile and insect exhibits are kept so clean and neat. The Oakland Zoo keeps its inhabitants so healthy and happy, too!Quick Tips: I would like to see musk oxen from Alaska on exhibit at the Oakland Zoo and the Quivot products from the musk ox sold at the suvenir shop.Best Way To Get Around: I love to sit and watch the animals and birds for quite a while at each exhibit and take photos of the animals. I wish there were more accessible shots for photography amended there. I also wis...Read More