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One Day in Bangkok

An October 2007 trip to Bangkok by Sierra

Four Seasons Bangkok Photo, Bangkok, Thailand More Photos
Quote: On the way home from a lengthy tour across China, I spent two nights and one full day in Bangkok.

Four Seasons Bangkok

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Hotel | "Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok"

Four Seasons Bangkok Photo, Bangkok, Thailand
There is something to be said for indulging a bit when you are away from home, and the Four Seasons is one of the best-known international brands that will pamper and delight you, even if you are simply passing through. From the moment you check in, you know that you are in the lap of luxury, and it's a wonderful sensation.The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok has a handy location, right across the street from the Skytrain's Rajadamri station, making it easy to hop down to the river boats which will take you to most of Bangkok's prime tourist attractions. But you don't even have to leave the hotel - in addition to their room service, the Four Seasons has over half a dozen restaurant choices, shops,...Read More

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Four Seasons Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand 10330