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Port Antonio, Lost Treasure of Jamaica

A travel journal to Port Antonio by wvbluerock

Quote: Often neglected by tourists, this area offers the best to be had in Jamaica. We start at the Bonnie View Hotel and describe a one week tour of the area to capture the magic.

Port Antonio, Lost Treasure of Jamaica

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Beauty and adventure seekers find this remote area worth the trouble to get there. The large colonial town boasts fine architecture, a huge food and craft market, great food and dancing. One should plan to swim in the Blue Lagoon, hike the Blue Mountains, taste the best Jerk Chicken in the world, meet the locals and take a banana raft ride down the Rio Grande. See what happens to a tourist town when the cruise ships stop coming there. Find out about local Maroon culture and buy handmade crafts at a nineteenth century market.Quick Tips: Stay at the Bonnie View Hotel, if you can. It overlooks the town, Navy Island and the Harbor. Sit on the terrace and you can watch the banana boats come ...Read More
High on a hill overlooking the town, the Harbor, Navy Island and the Blue Mountains is the ideal place to stay in Port Antonio. We stayed in #5, which may be the best room in the hotel. It was situated right under the restaurant patio, but we were never disturbed by the goings on upstairs. Furnishings were old, mismatched and in some disrepair; but the view was spectacular, and an ocean breeze kept us comfortable without air conditioning. Our digs had a small bedroom and a larger conversation room where we could entertain local guests and fellow travelers. The hotel itself is old and well past its prime. But the manager, Mr. Johnson, tries to keep it brushed up as much as possible. It is a ...Read More

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Bonnie View Hotel
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