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Tijuana Nightllife

A September 2007 trip to Tijuana by runoftheworld

Tijuana Nightlife Photo, Tijuana, Mexico More Photos
Quote: There is more to Tijuana nightlife than 'Revolution Avenue'!

Tijuana Nightlife


Tijuana Nightlife Photo, Tijuana, Mexico
99% of tourists to Tijuana go straight to 'Revolucion Ave.' for nightlife, not knowing or trying to find out if there is any more! Across town, where all the locals go, you can find clubs in the Zona Rio area, or nearby at 'Plaza Fiesta', which features such clubs as 'Sotano Suizo' and 'Monte Pichacho'. Near the border is 'Pueblo Amigo' Plaza, with a Senor Frogs, and the upscale 'Coliseo'. For the truly adventurous, go out to 'Las Playas', the un-touristed beach area of Tijuana on the border of San Diego/the USA. You can find local bars such as 'BMG', or a coffee house on the beach with weekend live music, 'Latitude 32'.

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Tijuana Nightlife

Tijuana, Mexico